What’s Needed To Lift My Heavy Duty Vehicle?

Mechanics need to be able to lift all sorts of heavy duty vehicles so they can perform maintenance tasks. Having a four-post lift allows you to serve many different types of customers. No longer will you be limited to fixing the vehicles of typical residents. You can now serve companies and school districts too. Once you have a lift that can handle a school bus, anything’s possible.  As you can see, buying a lift that’s extendable is a good investment.

You need a lift, but you don’t need to settle. There are lots of companies that offer lifts that’ll work for the service you’re trying to provide. Find one that’ll offer you the best lift for the lowest rate. Here are a couple of lifts and the features they provide.

When You’re Purchasing A Heavy Duty Vehicle Lift

This company offers you two options when it comes to lifts. If you have a steady shop that’s going to be around for a long time, they offer in-ground lifts to make repairs easy. They also offer in-garage lifts for the amateur mechanic. As far as their heavy duty four post lifts go, there are a lot of features you may find useful.

With ten laddered lock-height positions, you’ll be able to get the vehicle as high as you need it to be. Whether you need enough room to simply roll under it, or need enough room to sit under it comfortably, this model has you covered.

Heavy duty trucks and vehicles need more room to get onto the platform than the traditional, household vehicle. This is something challenger lifts certainly understands. That’s why they have a larger than normal drive-on ramp for their four-poster vehicle lifts. You also have the option of getting a drive-off ramp that’s of a similar size. When you go with the drive-off ramp as well, there’s no need to back up the vehicle.

One feature mechanics might find beneficial is the hydraulic lift cylinders that are heavy enough to securely take the weight of any commercial vehicle. The owner of this lift will also have access to easy-to-work power control.

You Have The Option Of Going With A Rotary Lift

Rotary lifts tend to be smaller than the typical Challenger lift. This is something that might come in handy to city mechanics that tend to have smaller garages. When going with a rotary lift, you’ll have the same basic options. You can choose between two posts and four posts. A residential truck lift, or one that’s meant for a school bus.  The truck lift offered by rotary lifts is of particular interest, as it uses a bar to support the vehicle.

The Rotary SPO12 works through an adjustable bar that allows you to make the vehicle go as high as you want. It does this all while steadily holding up the vehicle, although it may not look steady on inspection.Don’t worry; the bar is strong enough to support loads of weight. This bar can lift the vehicle high enough so that the mechanic can stand under it while he’s fixing it.

Of course, there are some limitations when going with this type of model. While it can handle slim, heavy-duty trucks, larger commercial vehicles aren’t going to work. They need the four post model that this company also offers. An SUV can easily be supported, or a cement-pouring truck. It wouldn’t be wise to try and get a school bus on this model.

Suspended Pit Lift

If you’re worried about getting the vehicle into the position you need it in, a suspended pit lift may be for you. These models are specially designed to make moving and sliding the vehicle effortlessly. Which means the mechanic can do his job faster, and thus make more money. Rotary lifts currently offer a pit lift to its customers.

You Do Not Have To Be A Professional Mechanic To Buy

This is a good investment for a professional mechanic. As for the rest of us, we’re probably better off finding someone who does this for a living and already has one. However, this does not mean you can’t purchase a lift if you don’t want to. If you have a heavy duty car, you can order from these companies. You just need a place to put the lift when it arrives. This may be easier for a professional mechanic with a garage to find.