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APRIL 20, 2014
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We love reporters. There's a reason the U.S. Constitution protects your profession. We cannot expect public officials who skirt the law to announce their misdeeds (which public official issued a news release on July 7, 2005 taking credit for the pay raise?) or to turn themselves in for their crimes (remember Tom Druce?). Democracy and justice without a free press are impossible.

We want to help you do your job. When you call or email, we'll do our best to respond promptly, accurately and articulately.

Democracy Rising PA is determined for Pennsylvania to set the highest standards of public integrity, provide the best value for tax dollars, demonstrate the clearest transparency, and earn the highest levels of citizen confidence of any state government in America.

We intend to operate in the same manner. Any time you think we can improve the way we pursue our mission, please tell us.

To find archives of DR publications, releases and statements, go to DR News.

Contact us any time.

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