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APRIL 16, 2014
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The Citizen's Guide to a Modern Constitutional Convention

On November 16, 2009 a coalition of integrity advocates released an independent study of Constitution conventions. Common Cause, the Commonwealth Foundation, the League of Women Voters and Democracy Rising PA commissioned the study to help citizens and news media prepare for the possibility of a Constitution convention in PA.

The study

  • examines past Constitution conventions and their contributions to today's Constitution.
  • summarizes the legal issues surrounding how conventions are called and how they can be limited in what they do.
  • looks at how other states approach Constitution conventions.
  • provides different approaches to selecting delegates for a convention.
  • offers insights into how technology can help a modern convention and educate citizens about the issues being debated.

Click here for the full 132-page report, including a 16-page summary.

Click here for a petition asking the legislature to authorize a referendum in November 2010 where citizens can decide whether or not to have a convention.

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