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APRIL 23, 2014
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Pennsylvania's system of governance is broken. Together we can fix it.

Democracy Rising PA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working for integrity, value, transparency, and citizen confidence in government. Founded in 2004 by Tim Potts and Kathleen Daugherty, Democracy Rising PA and its coalition partners have successfully engaged Pennsylvanians in a focused campaign to transform their state government into an institution worthy of citizen trust.

We limit our work to citizen education, research, and advocacy for laws and Constitutional provisions that will make Pennsylvania the "Best-in-America" model for representative democracy. Strictly nonpartisan, we work across the political and ideological spectrum and do not endorse any party, any candidate, or any issue that is unrelated to our mission.

We support our citizens because YOU are the ones who count. You already have the power to create the best state government in America. We can help you use that power to achieve the goal.

Without you, it's just a dream. With you, it's our new reality.

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