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APRIL 20, 2014
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No state is a red state or a blue state. No county is a blue county or a red county. We may be mostly one or the other, but we're all some of each. We are Purplevania, and that's why purple is Democracy Rising PA's official color.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are the well of all wisdom. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are the font of all folly. We all - including Independents and members of third parties - have contributions to make toward achieving the goal. And we all make mistakes.

False divisions and disrespect undermine the work to unite citizens in achieving and keeping the best state government in America. The goal for all of us must be to have a government that sets the highest standards of public integrity, provides the best value for tax dollars, demonstrates the clearest transparency and earns the highest levels of citizen confidence of any government in America.

Good ideas are good ideas, not red ideas or blue ideas. When they work, they work for us all.

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