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APRIL 18, 2014
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Citizen Action!

Only You Can Keep Democracy Rising!

There are lots of ways you can help. Pick one or two that work for you.

Remember: The secret of citizen success is SU3 - Sign Up! Speak Up! Show Up! We sign up to vote. We speak up about the issues that concern us. And we show up at meetings and on Election Day.

Level One
Sign the online petition for a referendum on whether to have a Constitution convention.
2. Register to vote.
3. Spread the word. Talk with your neighbors about the issues that interest you.
4. Print out pages from the DR web site and give them to your neighbors.
5. Share Democracy Rising PA News with your email list. Ask others to subscribe. It's free, and we never share our email list.
6. Please donate to keep Democracy Rising PA financially able to help you fight for better government.

Level Two
Get ready to talk with your lawmakers. Go to the Citizen Armory to learn the excuses for failure they may give you and how you can talk back with authority. (Try it - it's fun!)
8. Then make sure your lawmakers know what you want them to do. Call them. Write to them. Visit them. Invite them to visit you. Don't take no for an answer.
9. Finally, contact us to give us feedback about what lawmakers are telling you.

Level Three
Circulate the petition for a Constitution convention. Contact us for forms and instructions.

Level Four
Best in America. If you have research skills, we need you to research what constitutes the "Best in America" for different issues. If you have legal training, we also need you to research cases and Constitutional provisions. Apply by email.

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