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APRIL 19, 2014
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Candidates Respond

In January, DR released the results of the Public Integrity Poll made possible by contributions from DR supporters. It showed strong citizen support for many improvements to public integrity laws, and now it is the basis of the 2012 Public Integrity Questionnaire for candidates to the state House and Senate.

Scroll down for House candidates. Click here for Senate candidates.

We list candidates in alphabetical order by last name. Names are hyperlinked to their responses to the questionnaire. If there is no hyperlink, the candidate did not respond.


Ernest Adkins, District 188, Philadelphia
William Adolph, District 165, Delaware County
Beth Alois, District 168, Delaware County
Rick Arnold, District 119, Luzerne County
Ryan Aument, District 41, Lancaster County
Matthew Baker, District 68, Tioga County
Bryan Barbin, District 71, Cambria County
Stephen Barrar, District 160, Delaware County
Kenneth Barreto, District 135, Lehigh/Northampton counties
Linda Bateman, District 194, Philadelphia
John Bear, District 97, Lancaster County
Kerry Benninghoff, District 171, Centre County
James Billlman, District 126, Berks County
Brett Binder, District 156, Chester County
Louise Bishop, District 192, Philadelphia
Ryan Bizzarro, District 3, Erie County
Stephen Bloom, District 199, Cumberland County
Karen Boback, District 117, Luzerne County
Sheamus Bonner, District 163, Delaware County
Jo Ellen Bowman, District 60, Armstrong County
Brendan Boyle, District 170, Philadelphia
Kevin Boyle, District 172, Philadelphia
Matthew Bradford, District 70, Montgomery County
Joseph Brennan, District 133, Lehigh County
Tim Briggs, District 149, Montgomery County
Rob Broderick, District 167, Chester County
Michele Brooks, District 17, Mercer County
Rosemary Brown, District 189, Monroe/Pike counties
Vanessa Brown, District, 190, Philadelphia
Michelle Brownlee, District 195, Philadelphia
Frank Burns, District 72, Cambria County
Tom Caltagirone, District 127, Berks County
Joe Capazzolo, District 137, Northampton County
Mike Carroll, District 118, Luzerne County
Martin Causer, District 67, McKean County
Anne Chapman, District 31, Bucks County
James Christiana, District 15, Beaver County
James Clay, District 179, Philadelphia
Paul Clymer, District 145, Bucks County
Kathleen Coder, District 16, Allegheny/Beaver counties
Mark Cohen, District 202, Philadelphia
Dom Costa, District 21, Allegheny County
Charles Comrey, District 92, York County
Scott Conklin, District 77, Centre County
Becky Corbin, District 155, Chester County
Jim Cox, District 129, Berks County
Chris Cratsley, District 22, Allegheny County
Steve Crum, District 197, Philadelphia
Angel Cruz, District 180, Philadelphia
Bryan Cutler, District 100, Lancaster County
Jeffrey Dahlander, District 111, Susquehanna County
Peter Daley, District 49, Washington County
Eric David, District 140, Bucks County
Margo Davidson, District 164, Delaware County
Tina Davis, District 141, Bucks County
Gary Day, District 187, Berks/Lehigh counties
Madeleine Dean, District 153, Montgomery County
Dan Deasy, District 27, Allegheny County
Kevin Deely, District 131, Lehigh County
Pamela DeLissio, District 194, Philadelphia
Sheryl Delozier, District 88, Cumberland County
Anthony DeLuca, District 32, Allegheny County
Larry DeMarco, District 161, Delaware County
Gordon Denlinger, District 99, Lancaster County
Eugene DePasquale, District 95, York County
Frank Dermody, District 33, Allegheny County
Kelly Lynn Devine, District 150, Montgomery County
Russell Diesinger, District 130, Berks County
Christopher Dietz, District 104, Dauphin County
Gene DiGirolamo, District 18, Bucks County
Maria Donatucci, District 185, Philadelphia
Mike Doyle, District 25, Allegheny County
Paul Drucker, District 157, Chester County
Marcy Dubroff, District 41, Lancaster County
George Dunbar, District 56, Westmoreland County
William Dunbar, District 177, Philadelphia
Harriet Ellenberger, District 59, Westmoreland County
Brian Ellis, Distgrict 11, Butler County
Joe Emrick, District 137, Northampton County
Eli Evankovich, District 54, Westmoreland County
Dwight Evans, District 203, Philadelphia
Garth Everett, District 44, Lycoming County
Flo Fabrizio, District 2, Erie County
Frank Farina, District 115, Lackawanna County
Frank Farry, District 142, Bucks County
Jeremy Fearn, District 165, Delaware County
Mindy Fee, District 37, Lancaster County
Mark Fisher, District 50, Greene County
Richard Flarend, District 79, Blair County
Michael Fleck, District 81, Huntingdon County
Marty Flynn, District 113, Lackawanna County
Elizabeth Forrest, District 189, Monroe/Pike counties
Dan Frankel, District 23, Allegheny County
Robert Freeman, District 136, Northampton County
Joseph Frederick, District 143, Bucks County
Matt Gabler, District 75, Clearfield County
Edward Gainey, District 24, Allegheny County
Andrew Gales, District 57, Westmoreland County
John Galloway, District 140, Bucks County
Thomas Garman, District 96, Lancaster County
Gary Gearing, District 51, Fayette County
Raymond Geissler, District 56, Westmoreland County
Mike Gerber, District 148, Montgomery County
Marc Gergely, District 35, Allegheny County
Keith Gillespie, District 47, York County
Jarrett Gibbons, District 10, Beaver County
Mark Gillen, District 128, Berks County
Mauree Gingrich, District 101, Lebanon County
Robert Godshall, District 53, Montgomery County
Neal Goodman, District 123, Schuylkill County
Keith Greiner, District 43, Lancaster County
Glen Grell, District 87, Cumberland County
Seth Grove, District 196, York County
Joseph M. Haas, District 187, Berks/Lehigh counties
Joe Hackett, District 161, Delaware County
Kevin Haggerty, District 112, Lackawanna County
Marcia Hahn, District 138, Northampton County
Gary Haluska, District 73, Cambria County
Perrin Hamilton, District 149, Montgomery County

Patrick Harkins, District 1, Erie County
Vicki Harman, District 125, Schuylkill County
Kate Harper, District 61, Montgomery County
Adam Harris, District 82, Juniata County
Jordan Harris, District 186, Philadelphia
Mike Hays, District 26, Chester County
Doyle Heffley, District 122, Carbon County
Susan Helm, District 104, Dauphin County
Tim Hennessey, District 26, Chester County
Dick Hess, District 78, Bedford County
David Hickernell, District 98, Lancaster County
R. Lee James, District 64, Venango County
Osman Kamara, District 106, Dauphin County
Warren Kampf, District 157, Chester County
Theresa Kane, District 115, Lackawanna County
Aaron Kaufer, District 120, Luzerne County
Rob Kauffman, District 89, Cumberland/Franklin counties
Sid Kavulich, District 114, Lackawanna County
Fred Keller, District 85, Snyder County
Mark Keller, District 86, Perry County
William Keller, District 184, Philadelphia
Thomas Killion, District 168, Delaware County
Patty Kim, District 103, Dauphin County
Aaron Kime, District 45, Allegheny County
Stephen Kinsey, District 201, Philadelphia
Thaddeus Kirkland, District 159, Delaware County
Daniel Knorr II, District 109, Columbia County
Jerry Knowles, District 124, Schuylkill County
Ronald Kolla, District 152, Montgomery County
Bill Kortz, District 38, Allegheny County
Nick Kotik, District 45, Allegheny County
Dave Kralle, District 169, Philadelphia
Tim Krieger, District 57, Westmoreland County
Deberah Kula, District 52, Fayette County
John Lawrence, District 13, Chester County
Christopher Lee, District 171, Centre County
David Levdansky, District 39, Allegheny County
Patrick Leyland, District 54, Westmoreland County
Mark Longietti, District 7, Mercer County
Greg Lucas, District 5, Erie County
Mike Ludwig, District 148, Montgomery County
Ryan Mackenzie, District 134, Lehigh County
Maureen Madden, District 176, Monroe County
John Maher, District 40, Allegheny County
Tim Mahoney, District 51, Fayette County
Sandra Major, District 111, Susquehanna County
David Maloney, District 139, Berks County
Joseph Markosek, District 25, Allegheny County
Jim Marshall, District 14, Beaver County
Ron Marsico, District 105, Dauphin County
Richard Massafra, District 49, Washington County
Kurt Masser, District 107, Northumberland County
Nicholas Mattiacci, District 153, Montgomery County
Robert Matzie, District 16, Allegheny/Beaver counties
Joshua Maxwell, District 155, Chester County
Steve McCarter, District 154, Montgomery County
Mark B. McCracken, District 74, Lancaster County
Kelly Jean McEntee, District 105, Dauphin County
Michael McGeehan, District 173, Philadelphia
John McGinnis, District 79, Blair County
Daryl Metcalfe, District 12, Butler County
Carl Metzger, District 69, Somerset County
Nick Miccarelli, District 162, Delaware County
Nicholas Micozzie, District 163, Delaware County
David Millard, District 109, Columbia County
Ron Miller, District 93, York County
Duane Milne, District 167, Chester County
Rick Mirabito, District 83, Lycoming County
Jose Miranda, District 197, Philadelphia
Erin Molchany, District 22, Allegheny County
David Molony, District 133, Lehigh County
Dan Moul, District 91, Adams County
Gerald Mullery, District 119, Luzerne County
Phyllis Mundy, District 120, Luzerne County
Brian Munroe, District 29, Bucks County
Thomas Murt, District 152, Montgomery County
Jason Murtha, District 9, Lawrence County
Mark Mustio, District 44, Allegheny County
Ed Nielson, District 169, Philadelphia
Ray Nearhood, District 112, Lackawanna County
Brandon Neuman, District 48, Washington County
Donna Oberlander, District 63, Clarion County
Michael O'Brien, District 175, Philadelphia
Terrence o'Connor, District 118, Luzerne County
Bernie O'Neil, District 29, Bucks County
Jason Owen, District 3, Erie County
Mark Painter, District 146, Montgomery County
Lawrence Paladin, District 32, Allegheny County
Eddie Pashinski, District 121, Luzerne County
John Payne, District 106, Dauphin County
Cherelle Parker, District 200, Philadelphia
Michael Peifer, District 139, Pike County
Joseph Petrarca, District 55, Westmoreland County
Scott Petri, District 178, Bucks County
Jim Phillips, District 70, Montgomery County
Tina Pickett, District 110, Bradford County
Jeffrey Pyle, District 60, Armstrong County
Thomas Quigley, District 146, Montgomery County
Marguerite Quinn, District 143, Bucks County
Ron Rabenold, District 122, Carbon County
Kathy Rapp, District 65, Warren County
Adam Ravenstahl, District 20, Allegheny County
Harry Readshaw, District 36, Allegheny County
David Reed, District 62, Indiana County
Mike Reese, District 59, Westmoreland County
Ron Reese, District 77, Centre County
Mike Regan, District 92, York County
Brad Roae, District 6, Crawford County
Todd Rock, District 90, Franklin County
James Roebuck, District 188, Philadelphia
Harry Rogers, District 83, Lycoming County
Chris Ross, District 158, Chester County
Mark Rozzi, District 126, Berks County
Susan Rzucidlo, District 158, Chester County
Erik Saar, District 129, Berks County
John Sabatina, Jr., District 174, Philadelphia
Rick Saccone, District 39, Allegheny County
Christopher Sainato, District 9, Lawrence County
Steve Samuelson, District 135, Lehigh/Northampton counties

Thomas Sankey, District 74, Clearfield County
Steve Santarsiero, District 31, Bucks County
Stanley Saylor, District 94, York County
Mark Scappe, District 44, Allegheny County
Mario Scavello, District 176, Monroe County
James Schiliro, District 159, Delaware County
Lynda Schlegel-Culver, District 108, Northumberland County
Mike Schlossberg, District 132, Lehigh County
Eric Schott, District 13, Chester County
Michael See, District 10, Beaver County
Justin Simmons, District 131, Lehigh County
Brian Simms, District 182, Philadelphia
Mark Sirinides, District 154, Montgomery County
Linda Small, District 93, York County
Matt Smith, District 42, Allegheny County
Sam Smith, District 66, Jefferson County
Curt Sonney, District 4, Erie County
Sarah Speed, District 47, York County
Susan Spika, District 89, Cumberland/Franklin counties
Anthony Sposato, District 141, Bucks County
Russell Stahley, District 37, Lancaster County
Sherry Stalley, District 71, Cambria County
Todd Stephens, District 151, Montgomery County
Jerry Stern, District 80, Blair County
Dick Stevenson, District 8, Mercer County
Mike Strausbaugh, District 193, Adams County
Mike Sturla, District 96, Lancaster County
Rosemarie Swanger, District 102, Lebanon County
Will Sylianteng, District 151, Montgomery County
Will Tallman, District 193, Adams County
Al Taubenberger, District 172, Philadelphia
John Taylor, District 177, Philadelphia
Curtis Thomas, District 181, Philadelphia
Bill Toal, District 166, Delaware County
Mike Tobash, District 125, Schuylkill County
Marcy Toepel, District 147, Montgomery County
Tarah Toohil, District 116, Luzerne County
Earl Toole, District 164, Delaware County
Dan Truitt, District 156, Chester County
Mike Turzai, District 28, Allegheny County
David Tusick, District 30, Allegheny County
Gerry Vaerewyck, District 33, Allegheny County
Mike Vereb, District 150, Montgomery County
Greg Vitali, District 166, Delaware County
Randy Vulakovich, District 30, Allegheny County
Ron Waters, District 191, Philadelphia
Katherine Watson, District 144, Bucks County
John Weigel, District 43, Lancaster County
Jake Wheatley, District 19, Allegheny County
Betty White, District 147, Montgomery County
Jason White, District 5, Erie County
Jesse White, District 46, Washington County
Jo White, District 61, Montgomery County
Mary Whitesell, District 145, Bucks County
Robert Williams, District 15, Beaver County
Randall Wilson, District 73, Cambria County
Mick Wynne, District 53, Montgomery County
Ted Yeager, District 107, Northumberland County
Ransom Young, District 116, Luzerne County
Rosita Youngblood, District 198, Philadelphia

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